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Katherine “Kitty” Pryde | Fifteen | Freshman | Kaya Scodelario

Kitty Pryde is many things; beautiful, intelligent, funny, and most importantly, she’s a mutant. Born in the town of Deerfield, Illinois, Kitty had a relatively normal upbringing. Her parents weren’t particularly unusual, and the only interesting member of her family was her grandfather, Samuel Prydeman, a holocaust survivor. She was just an average girl, really, hardly different from her classmates and friends. Then, Kitty turned thirteen and the headaches started. At first, she didn’t think they were anything. The child had no idea that her migraines were really just a sign of her emerging abilities.

It wasn’t until she was approached by Charles Xavier and Emma Frost that she found out what she was. Both the Professor and the Hellfire Club’s White Queen wanted to recruit the girl for their causes. Kitty, though, being the smart girl that she is, didn’t trust Emma. The woman was intimidating and unnerving, looking at Katherine like she was “something good to eat”. So, Kitty picked Charles. He was kind and made her feel at ease, unlike the other telepath, and he had such conviction in his beliefs that Kitty couldn’t help but want to join him.

He took the child under his wing for training, and eventually, when he decided to go to Marvel Academy, he brought Kitty with him. Of course, it took his “convincing” her parents, but it all worked out in the end. Now, Kitty attends our school, happy to be around others like her and learn more about her phasing abilities.

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